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Roofs are not just about providing protection to homes and buildings. It becomes a feature that can enhance the profile of a property and increase its value.

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13 Years Of Undefeated Success

At Matlosana Roofing we proud ourself on quality workmanship and tested relationships with local contractors and building companies.  Our blood, sweat and tears have earned the trush   and built great relationships with out clients over the past 13 years.


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Roof Truss Fabrication
Let Matlosana Roofing manage your next roof build, from the design of the roof, to the fabrication of your roof trusses and finally the covering of your roof truss, may it be cement tiles or roof sheeting.
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Roof Tiles
Let Matlosana Roofing manage your next roof build! From the design of the roof, to the fabrication of your roof trusses and finally the covering of your roof. Roof ties are the most preferred method of roof covering coming in various colours and profiles and we stock various suppliers tiles, to match your feel and design preferences. Contact us now for a free consultation or quotation.
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Roof Sheeting
As of late clients have moved away from conventional tiles and have started installing metal sheet covering. Available in assorted colours and profiles, they are often more cost effective and more versatile compared to tiles. Contact us for more information or come and visit our friendly staff to advise you on all the options you have to select from.
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About Us

Matlosana Roofing is part of a voluntary group of Independent retailers specializing in truss manufacturing and related roofing hardware. It is a dynamic organization boasting a market leading growth in the design and manufacturing in the roof truss industry.

Maltosana Roofing is situated in Klerksdorp, and supplies roofs all over central South Africa as far as Centurion and Kimberley.

Matlosana Roofing’s target market embraces all activity within the design and manufacturing industry, focusing particularly on the building of basic urban house and the”Township” house roof.

We aim to provide a full solutions to build a roof form the design to the finishes.

How our PROCESS works?


Before Building Your Dream Roof, we arrange a consultation with the owner or contractor to discuss the specifications of the design and build


Using the latest design software, our designer will design your roof to your specifications


Fabrication of your roof truss will be done at our factory using only the best quality materials.


Once fabrication is completed our trustworthy staff will deliver and install your new roof.


Matlosana Roofing understands that an excellent end-product is the result of careful design and planning done by a professional. All Matlosana Roofing designs are created using state-of-the-art International Truss Systems Design Software (ITS).

Our team of roof designers are highly skilled and experienced in the industry.  They take the time to understand each project and provide the most appropriate design, based on global best practice.

The professional design team also ensures our solutions are safe, cost-effective and result in expert build quality.  We make sure that accurate structural drawings accompany every delivery, allowing the installer to install the roof adhering to all required design criteria.



At Matlosana Roofing we place our customers at the centre of everything we do. We’re able to make this claim with the utmost integrity, ensuring we constantly strive to set new standards in service delivery, while maintaining our most valuable assets - our relationship with our clients.

A designated consultant is appointed to each project and will remain the single point of contact throughout the project, from the inception and quotation stage, through the design, manufacture and delivery phases, right through to queries during installation and completion.

What’s more, the same person is on-call after project completion to follow up on any after sales queries that might occur.

Our Matlosana Roofing consultant will ensure the following:

  • Advice on the most suitable roof truss solution for our clients’ needs budgets.
  • Timely provision of design drawing and quotations
  • On-site measurement and liaison with the manufacturing team
  • Overseeing the manufacturing process and providing regular updates to clients.

All manufacturing is completed in a strictly control and monitored environment, ensuring high quality standards are met. The Matlosana Roofing Team is diligent about meeting agreed delivery dates and project plan time lines.


All Matlosana Roofing timber roof trusses are manufactured at our facility in Klerksdorp, North West in a strictly controlled environment.

We work in accordance with all leading industry regulations set out by the South Afican Bureau of Standards (SABS), The National Building Regulations and the Institute of Timber Construction (ITC).

What more, our fastidious quality control and inspection ensure superior build quality that is effective to install and guaranteed to last. It’s no wonder we have become known as one of the leading roof truss fabricators.


To facilitate a streamlined installation, Matlosana Roofing ensures all the required sundry materials are delivered along with the roof trusses. This guarantees nothing gets in the way of completing the project in keeping with the approved design and in accordance with the highest quality standards. This also assists with meeting project timelines.

Matlosana Roofing supply the following quality sundry roofing materials:

  • Trusses
  • Purlins
  • Bracing
  • Nails
  • Bolts & Nuts
  • Truss Hangers
  • Fascia and Barge
  • Boards
  • Insulation Materials


As part of our comprehensive full roof supply service, we can supply all roof covering materials to suit your design and budget, from concrete roof tiles to all popular roof sheeting.

Matlosana Roofing has relationships with most of the leading roof covering manufacturers, which enables us to source and procure wide range of roof coverings at competitive prices.  As part of our comprehensive offer, we can also supply insulation.

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Matlosana Roofing supplies all leading roof sheeting materials in a range of profiles, including corrugated roof sheeting, IBR roof Sheeting, concealed fix sheeting in a variety of thicknesses, finishes and colours.

The right choice of roof sheeting – based on roof design and budget – is key to a lasting end result, and our clients’ satisfaction.  The Matlosana Roofing team will provide expert and informed advice as well as assistance in obtaining a competitive price.


Protecting Your Roof From THE START

At Matlosana Roofing we use an elite and highly reliable 3D roofing software, that enables us to construct roofs with the South African climate and environment in mind. We pride ourselves on our amazing services

We offer the following services

If you need any products or services related to the roofing business we offer the following services


Our Friendly Staff will lead you through the process of building that dream roof.

Christo Hanekom


Belinda Edwards

Truss Designer

Christine van Wyk

Administrative Assistant

Our Valued Team

Without these guys our business would not be so successful

What OUR CLIENTS have to say



Our company has been doing business with Matlosana Roofingfor the past 10 years. Its such a pleasure working with this absolutely amazing team. Customer Service is excellent, and the product itself is of the highest quality. I highly recommend them and their roofs to anyone.

Fuller Development

Pieter Strydom

Great service at all times. Christo helped me through the whole process, from the design to installation. What a great team. Look forward to working with them again.

Engineering Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Roof Truss Manufacturer is a professional who specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of roof trusses. They work closely with builders, architects, and engineers to create custom truss systems that meet the unique requirements of each project.

Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing architectural and engineering plans to determine truss system requirements
  • Designing truss systems using specialized software and equipment
  • Selecting materials and components to meet project specifications
  • Fabricating trusses using automated (not in all cases) saws and other equipment
  • Conducting quality control checks to ensure accuracy and safety
  • Coordinating with the installation team to ensure timely and efficient installation (if required)

Working with a roof truss fabricator offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Customization: They can create custom truss systems that meet the unique requirements of each project.
  • Efficiency: Fabricated truss systems are pre-engineered and manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring efficient and accurate installation.
  • Quality: Fabricated trusses are subject to rigorous quality control checks to ensure that they meet safety and performance standards.
  • Expertise: They have specialized knowledge and experience in the design and engineering of truss systems, ensuring that they are built to last.

Step 1: Reviewing Plans and Specifications

The first step in the process of designing and fabricating roof trusses is to review the architectural and engineering plans for the project. This involves understanding the size and shape of the roof, the load-bearing requirements, and any other design considerations.

Step 2: Designing the Truss System

Once the plans and specifications have been reviewed, the roof truss fabricator will begin designing the truss system using specialized software. This process involves selecting the appropriate materials and components to meet the project requirements, as well as optimizing the design for efficiency and performance.

Step 3: Fabricating the Trusses

After the truss system has been designed, the roof truss fabricator will begin the fabrication process. This involves using automated (not in all cases) saws and other equipment to cut and shape the materials according to the design specifications. Quality control checks are conducted throughout the fabrication process to ensure that the trusses are accurate and safe.

Step 4: Coordinating with the Installation Team

Once the trusses have been fabricated, the roof truss fabricator will coordinate with the installation team to ensure that they are delivered and installed on time and according to the design specifications. The installation team will work closely with the fabricator to ensure that the trusses are installed safely and securely.

Roof trusses are typically made from wood or steel. The type of material used depends on the project requirements, as well as the preference of the architect or builder. In South Africa the most common timber used is SA Pine Grade S5 or S7. Laminated timber, which is graded Grade S8 is also used when it comes to flat roofs with long spans between support. These beams are also used as support beams between columns to support flat roofs like with a verandah or stoep.

The time it takes to fabricate and install roof trusses depends on the complexity of the project, as well as the size of the building. In general, the fabrication process can take several days, while installation can take several days up to a week or two.

Yes, roof trusses can be customized to meet the specific design requirements of a building. Roof truss fabricators work closely with architects and builders to ensure that the trusses are designed to meet the unique needs of each project.

ITC Roof Categories

Roof Category A

Very Complex Roofs, including

1. Scissor Trusses > 5 Metres
2. Site Splicing
3. Attics and Dormers
4. Very large spans greater than 10 metres
5. Piggy Back Trusses
6. Cantilevers > 2 metres
7. Complex Industrial
8. Complex Commercial
9. Laminated Timber Roof Structures
10. Public Buildings & Schools

Roof Category B

Complex Domestic and Simple Industrial and Commercial Roofs, including up to 10 metre span:

1. Hips and Valleys up to 10 metre span
2. Non Standard Loads
3. Scissor Trusses up to 5 metres

Roof Category C

Simple roofs up to and including 8.5 metre spans with standard loadings and including the following:

1. Valleys
2. Girders with hangers and/or metal cleats
3. Stub ends
4. Cantilevers up to a span of 2.0 metres
5. Simple hips up to a span of 8.5 metres
6. Minium pitch 5 degrees.

Roof Category D

Simple roofs up to and including 6.6 metre spans with standard loadings, and including the following:

1. Small valleys up to a span of 3.0 metres
2. No hips


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